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Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning Los Angeles

A dental cleaning is a regular part of a dental checkup. These professional cleanings are important for keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Even when you brush and floss exactly as you should, plaque and tartar can build up in places you cannot easily reach. Our Los Angeles dental cleaning dentist uses special tools to remove this buildup and polishes your teeth for a brighter, healthier smile.

Many people are unaware that dental and physical health are inextricably linked. Many physical diseases have oral symptoms, and dental diseases can increase the risk for certain systemic health problems. Our expert in dental cleaning often recommends biannual cleanings for patients, but you may need more frequent cleanings if you have certain health problems or risk factors.

Dental Cleaning Los Angeles

At your dental exam, our Los Angeles dental cleaning dentist will begin by updating your records. This can include checking your family history, your personal medical history, any medications or supplements you take and any changes in your life or lifestyle. We then carefully clean your teeth. Your mouth is full of bacteria, which live in a sticky biofilm called plaque. This plaque naturally builds up along the gum line and between your teeth, but if it is allowed to accumulate, it can irritate the gums, triggering inflammation and, eventually, gum disease. The bacteria produce acids that leach minerals from teeth, which can lead to a cavity. Because the plaque is constantly forming, you need to brush and floss regularly.

Professional cleanings remove the buildup you cannot reach. We first remove the tartar and plaque. We will look for signs of decay or gum disease. We will use a special mirror to better evaluate your teeth and gums. Once we have removed all the plaque and buildup, we will use a special gritty paste and polishing cup to scrub away superficial stains and leave your teeth squeaky clean. Before you leave, our expert in dental cleaning in Los Angeles will explain any findings and make personalized recommendations.
Call us today to learn more about dental cleanings or to schedule your appointment with our expert in dental cleaning in Los Angeles.

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