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Extreme Makeover Dentistry

Extreme Makeover DentistryThese days, television is awash in extreme makeover shows. You can make over your house, your bathroom, your wardrobe, your diet, and even your cars. However, you may not be aware that you can also make over your smile. Extreme makeover dentistry is a real field, and a handful of very skilled cosmetic dentists practice it.

Extreme makeover dentistry focuses on helping patients who have one or more severe cosmetic dental problems. An extreme smile makeover is not a single dental procedure. Rather, it is a set of procedures designed to remedy your unique cosmetic dental issues. The procedures that the dentist includes in your smile makeover depend on your needs. For example, a smile makeover might include remedies for one or more of the following cosmetic dental problems: worn teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, missing teeth, gummy smiles, unusually small teeth, irregularly shaped teeth, badly stained teeth, or misaligned teeth.

To find a dentist who practices extreme makeover dentistry, do your research. Many of these highly trained cosmetic dentists advertise their skills to bring in new patients. The Los Angeles area is awash in people who are in industries where their appearance is an important asset, from acting to working in the service industry, so dentists compete for their share of the lucrative market for cosmetic dental procedures.

Because cosmetic dentists compete for patients, they often advertise specials to bring in new patients. They even have specials for smile makeovers. For example, the dentist may offer a free consultation, special pricing on one of more cosmetic dental procedure that may be part of your smile makeover, or special financing to make your makeover more affordable on your budget.

Check back often to view the latest deals. When you find a deal on a smile makeover that meets your needs, act fast. Cosmetic dentists usually only offer these special deals for a limited number of patients.

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