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Affordable Smile Makeover

affordable smile makeoverChances are at some point in your life there will be something in your smile that you would like to correct so that your smile will be more attractive. But some patients will have multiple issues that they would like to correct at the same time. These patients should consider getting a smile makeover so that a dental professional can design a series of treatments that will work together to give you the smile of your dreams. But just like with any other dental treatment, the smile makeover cost needs to be taken into consideration, and most patients will want to get the most affordable smile makeover possible.

A smile makeover can fix a variety of dental problems, so whether you have broken teeth, missing teeth, excessive gum tissue, or gum disease, your dentist can fix it. Some problems will have multiple solutions, and you and your dentist can decide which one is best for you. For example, if you are looking to replace a missing tooth, you can choose between a dental bridge, dental implant, or dentures. Each one has their pros and cons, and one of the factors you will need to consider is which one will bring about the most affordable smile makeover.

There are resources to help give you the most affordable smile makeover possible. You can speak with your dental insurance provider to see if they can cover some of the cost, but since smile makeovers generally consist of cosmetic procedure, most insurance providers will not cover it. But you can also speak with your dentist about setting up a payment plan.

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