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Toothache Los Angeles

A toothache can be enough to distract you all day long, and while you could be tempted to dismiss it as nothing serious, several things can lead to a toothache. If you are suffering from tooth pain, it is time to schedule an appointment with our Los Angeles toothache treatment expert. We can examine the tooth, determine the cause of your pain, and develop a plan to treat the pain and preserve the tooth.

Common causes of tooth pain include:

• Infection and abscess
• Gum disease
• Tooth decay
• Injured or fractured tooth
• Failing or leaking dental restoration
• Bruxism or TMJ disorder

Our expert in treatment of toothache in Los Angeles will look at the tooth and may take dental X-rays and other imaging tests to see the roots and other underlying structures.

Toothache Los Angeles

If the toothache is due to an inflamed pulp, you may need root canal therapy. The pulp of the tooth is the soft tissue at the center of the tooth. The pulp can become inflamed, irritated, or infected by damage, decay, or disease to the tooth. The toothache can be accompanied by sensitivity to temperature changes, swelling, and discharge. Our Los Angeles toothache treatment expert will explain your treatment options so that you can make the best choices for your needs.

If a root canal treatment is needed, our expert in treatment of toothache in Los Angeles can usually complete the process in just one to two visits. A root canal treatment is no more painful than a dental filling. We numb the tooth using powerful dental anesthetics, and remove the diseased tissues using special tools. Once the infection is removed, we clean, shape, and disinfect the chambers of the tooth before sealing them and restoring. The permanent restoration is usually performed at a later appointment. This will usually involve the placement of a dental crown, although some patients may only need a filling. Call us today to learn more about toothache treatments or to schedule an appointment with our dental emergency in Los Angeles.

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