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TMJ Los AngelesThe TMJ is one of the more complex joints in the human body. This joint connects the jaw to the skull and is designed to both hinge and slide so that you can talk, chew and yawn. If you develop a problem in the joint or the soft tissues surrounding the joint, you may have temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. Our Los Angeles TMJ expert can help.

Symptoms of TMJ disorders can vary but often include:

• Facial or jaw pain and tenderness
• Pain or discomfort accompanied by a clicking, popping or grating sound or sensation
• A change in bite
• Difficulty chewing
• Swelling
• Earaches or headaches
• Shoulder or neck pain
• A jaw that gets stuck open or closed
• Tinnitus and dizziness

These symptoms can indicate other issues as well and should be carefully evaluated for a proper diagnosis. Our expert in TMJ in Los Angeles will examine the joint and may recommend imaging tests to identify any physical damage or signs of injury. We will also evaluate your symptoms and your medical history and determine if you have risk factors such as stress, tooth grinding or arthritis.

TMJ Los Angeles

Treatments will vary based on the underlying cause of your TMJ problems, your symptoms and your individual needs. Our Los Angeles TMJ expert often uses conservative therapies to reduce the symptoms and improve functioning. These may include warm or cold packs to combat swelling and inflammation and a soft diet to rest the jaw. Medications can be used for pain and inflammation. If stress or bruxism is causing or contributing to your problems, we may also recommend stress-reduction techniques and a night guard.

Other treatments can also be appropriate. We may suggest dental work to address any underlying dental issues, injections to cushion the joint, laser therapy and surgery. The cause of TMJ disorders is not always easily identified, but in most cases, the right treatment can restore comfort and function to your jaw and alleviate your symptoms. Call us today to learn more about the TMJ or to schedule an appointment with our expert in TMJ in Los Angeles.

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