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Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency Los AngelesDo you know what to do in a dental emergency? Thousands of dental emergencies occur every year, and some of these end in the loss of one or more teeth. Knowing what to do in an emergency can help you save your tooth. Our Los Angeles dental emergency dentist can help.

As with any injury, you may need to perform some first aid until you can reach our expert in dental emergency in Los Angeles. The type of injury dictates the proper response. An avulsed tooth, or a tooth that has been completely knocked out of its socket, is among the most serious dental emergencies. If your tooth has been knocked out, rinse it with water, but avoid touching the root. If you can easily place it in its socket, do so, and hold it secure by biting gently. If you cannot easily put it back in its socket, put it in a tooth preservation kit or a glass of milk. By seeking dental care within an hour, you give us the best chance of saving the tooth.

Dental Emergency Los Angeles

A dislocated tooth requires similarly urgent attention. This type of injury occurs when a tooth has been partially dislodged from its socket. Gently bite down to stabilize the tooth after rinsing away any blood or debris. Then contact our Los Angeles dental emergency dentist. We may need to perform a root canal to save the tooth, and it may need to be secured until the bone and soft tissues around the tooth heal enough to hold it stable and in its correct position.

Other common dental emergencies include abscessed teeth, chipped or broken teeth, lost crowns and soft tissue injuries. Use warm water to flush away any blood or debris, and apply a compress to minimize swelling. We may also prescribe medication and recommend specific courses of action to stabilize your dental health in any dental emergency.

Sedation dentistry is available for patients who need it, including those with dental anxiety, dental phobia, sensitive gag reflexes or other issues that make seeking dental care difficult. Call us today to schedule an emergency appointment with our expert in dental emergency in Los Angeles.

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