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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges Los AngelesDental bridges are similar to partial dentures, but they are permanently affixed in the mouth. Bridges can be supported either by dental implants or natural teeth, and they effectively replace one or more lost teeth. Our Los Angeles dental bridges expert can help you decide if a dental bridge is a good choice for your smile.

When you lose a tooth, you are left with a gap in your smile. This gap can complicate eating and speaking, and it can be embarrassing. Other teeth may begin to shift or tilt into the gap, and bone loss can occur. Our expert in dental bridges in Los Angeles can use a dental bridge to bridge the gap, maintain proper spacing and restore oral function. Bridges are generally made of porcelain and include the false tooth, or pontic, and crowns, which are placed on the abutment teeth. You may be a candidate for a bridge if you are missing one or a few teeth and have healthy teeth on both sides of the gap or if you are having implants placed to support the bridge.

Dental Bridges Los Angeles

The process of placing a bridge takes place over two or three dental visits. Our Los Angeles dental bridges expert will begin by preparing the abutment teeth. These teeth need to be strong so that they can adequately support the bridge. Some of the enamel will be trimmed to make room for the crowns, and impressions are made to create the new bridge. The new bridge will be placed at a later appointment.

Bridges offer several benefits. They restore your smile, help maintain proper facial shape, evenly distribute bite forces and allow you to chew and speak properly. They do not need to be removed for cleaning and can be brushed and flossed just like your other teeth. Keeping your bridge clean and the teeth that support it healthy is critical for maximizing its lifespan. Our expert in dental bridges in Los Angeles will explain the best way to clean and care for your new bridge.

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