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Root Canal

Root Canal Los Angeles

Do you have a tooth that is extremely sensitive to hot or cold temperatures? Does it throb painfully? Is it turning dark, or is there a lump or a pimple on the gums near the roots? You may have an infection or pulp damage. In the past, this type of dental problem could have led to the loss of the tooth, but today, we can save the tooth with a procedure called a root canal. Our Los Angeles root canal expert can determine if a root canal is right for you.

A root canal therapy is a special procedure during which the infected or inflamed soft tissue within the root canals is removed, and the canals are disinfected and sealed against future infection. Our expert in root canal in Los Angeles can perform this procedure under local anesthesia. Sedation is also available and can be a good option for those who feel nervous or uncomfortable about the idea of dental treatment.

Root Canal Los Angeles

Because an infected tooth can be particularly sensitive, we will take the time to ensure you are fully numb before we get started. Then, our Los Angeles root canal expert will create an access point that allows us to remove the pulp of the tooth. Each canal is carefully cleaned and shaped, and we may place a medicated material in the root chambers to help the tooth heal. If you have significant pain before the treatment, you will likely experience a dramatic reduction in pain. However, the tooth may remain somewhat tender for a few days as it heals and the inflammation subsides. Antibiotics may be prescribed in some cases.

After the root canal, a temporary filling or crown may be placed until the final restoration can be completed. This allows your tooth to fully heal. Our expert in root canal in Los Angeles will then place a permanent crown. Porcelain crowns are extremely natural looking and durable enough to last for many years. Call us today to find out more about root canal treatments or to schedule your appointment with our dental exam dentist in Los Angeles.

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