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Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain Los Angeles

Tooth pain can keep you awake at night or just prevent you from eating and drinking the things you enjoy. Regardless of why and how much your tooth hurts, we can help. Our Los Angeles tooth pain treatment expert can determine the underlying cause of your tooth pain and develop a treatment plan that will restore oral comfort as soon as possible.

First, our expert in treatment of tooth pain in Los Angeles will examine your painful tooth. Several things can cause pain in a tooth, including:

• Enamel erosion
Enamel can become eroded over time as you age or as a result of acid erosion or gum recession. This can allow the dentin to become exposed, which results in sensitivity.
• Cracks or fractures
Cracks and fractures can lead to excitement or exposure of the nerve, which can be painful.
• Cavities
A cavity can trigger pain when the tooth is subjected to cold, hot, sweet, or sour sensations. This may be due to the dentin or the nerve becoming exposed.
• Infections and abscesses
These conditions can be extremely painful when pressure is placed on the tooth or when the tooth experiences temperature changes. They occur when decay or damage leads to the irritation, inflammation, or death of the nerve and soft tissues inside the tooth.
• Loose fillings or crowns
These can allow the sensitive dentin under the enamel to become exposed and the nerve to become irritated. The loose fit can also allow bacteria and debris to collect under the restoration and decay to begin.

Tooth Pain Los Angeles

Treating the underlying cause of the pain will generally alleviate the pain. Our Los Angeles tooth pain treatment expert will make personalized recommendations at your appointment. If dental trauma or disease is responsible for your pain, these will need to be addressed as soon as possible to reduce the risk of further damage. Enamel erosion may require ongoing care that includes desensitizing toothpaste or fluoride applications.

Our expert in treatment of tooth pain in Los Angeles offers extensive treatment options to manage your pain so that you can enjoy better dental health and continue eating and drinking the things you enjoy without discomfort. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with our team. Do not hesitate if you are experiencing a dental emergency in Los Angeles.

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